Why Us

Why Us

Spire Renewables specialises in consulting, specifying, installing and commissioning high quality sustainable heating and energy systems. We are committed to delivering fully designed, energy efficient systems to Developers, House Builders, Self Builders, Installers, Contractors and Architects.

Our services range from helping you to select the most appropriate renewable energy system to providing a complete solution to your needs.

Our services include consultation, design, implementation, commissioning, groundwork and installation and are fully managed in-house.

Supplying the very best

Spire Renewables know how to provide you with a system that exceeds expectations.

From manifolds to controls, all systems are supplied to a specification, with a full set of high quality, tried and tested components.

Working with you before, during & after your project

First and foremost, Spire Renewables is committed to designing bespoke energy efficient heating systems that perform. What really sets us apart from our competitors is the way we work with you.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps and energy efficiency…

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Lower fuel bills and environmental impact…

smart heating controls, smart controls

The UK’s only heat pump system that…

All Solutions

Delivering fully designed, energy efficient systems…