Fast Connect – CTC

Fast Connect – CTC

Spire Renewables range of Fast Connect Ground Source Heat Pumps are designed to supply the home with inexpensive and environmentally friendly heating and hot water using heat stored in the ground.

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CTC 400  6-17kw

The CTC 400 series are a robust and highly efficient range of heat pumps with outputs ranging from 6-17kW on a single phase. They come fitted with a Copeland scroll compressor module which has a reputation across the industry for being both extremely reliable and producing currently unmatched efficiency. The units are able to output a 65oC flow temperature, allowing them to produce 50-55oC of hot water in the tank and reducing the need for any immersion use with the exception of legionella cycling. The units also come with integral PWM controlled variable speed brine and heating circulation pumps The new user-friendly touch screen ecologic controller gives the functionality to control independent temperatures for multiple heating circuits along with swimming pools

CTC400 Compact Series 6 – 12kW marketing sheet: Click here for CTC400 Compact Series 6-12kW

CTC 400 Series 10 – 17kW marketing sheet: Click here for CTC 400 Series 10-17kW

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