Spire Renewables offers a Consultancy Service to assist you with all or part of your project. We offer;

Feasibility Study – this determines if an air or ground source heat pump application is suitable for a given project and locality. This will provide you with a specification, design and project estimate.

Site Survey – this provides detailed information on heat loss from your property and is a vital step in ensuring the correct sized equipment is installed to maximise efficiency.

Detailed Installation Plans  – providing full mechanical design schematics, electrical design schematics and detailed installation guidelines for each stage.

Overseeing Procurement  – this will ensure you purchase equipment at the correct price.

Groundwork  – In the case of Ground Source Heat Pump installations Spire Renewables will inspect the underground pipework prior to backfilling, ensuring it is carried out in line with the system design. If required we can carry out the electrofusion welding of the pipework and its subsequent pressure test.

Technical Support  – All work undertaken is certified to MCS standard and Spire Renewables offer a number of support packages

Troubleshooting Existing Systems  – Spire Renewables are regularly called in to fault find and inspect Ground & Air Source Heat Pump systems that are too expensive to run or not running correctly. Suggestions for remedial works are outlined with a cost associated for each element.

When you choose Spire Renewable, you are supplied with a solution, specifically designed to perform in your project.

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