Fast Connect Wiring Centre

Fast Connect Wiring Centre

So often we find with Heat Pumps that the Plumber gets all the training and the Electrician is just left with an ambiguous instruction manual. There so many things to take into account when wiring an Air Source Heat Pump;

How do I wire up the room thermostat/s?

How do the electricity meters have to be installed to meet MCS Compliance regs?

How do I provide hot water for our customer if the heat pump is in fault?

Why not take all of the stress away and reduce your time onsite using a  FAST CONNECT WIRING CENTRE

  •  Pre-Wired Controller
  •  Pre-Wired Hager Dist Board with fitted meters and labelled DIN Rail terminals
  •   Separate Powered Circuits for the Heat Pump, Heating Control and Immersion
  •  Pre-Programmed Field Settings Ready to Commission onsite
  •  On/Off/Auto Contactor enabling manual override of the immersion

All the benefits without the hassle!

The Fast Connect Wiring Centre from Spire Renewables has been built from the ground up to make your installation as trouble free as possible. By utilising high specification components, you can rely on the fact that not only will the Wiring Centre take the worry out of your installation, it will also provide worry free operation for years to come. Also, as all controllers are pre-programmed by a Specialist Engineer, you can be rest assured that efficiency is at the heart of the setup.

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