Heat Pump Cylinders

Heat Pump Cylinders

Domestic Hot Water Cylinders

Spire Renewables offer a range of stainless steel unvented hot water cylinders for use with heat pumps in single coil and twin coil patterns up to 500 litres capacity. All come with enhanced coil surface areas specifically designed to work with the comparatively lower temperatures provided by Air/Ground source heat pumps. The cylinders are attractive in appearance with superb heat loss characteristics, insulated with 60mm of low loss polyurethane foam and finished in an attractive mild steel case with a leatherette finish. All cylinders come with a 25 year guarantee.

Each of cylinders are supplied with fitted Temperature & Pressure relief valve, immersion heater for thermal disinfection, dual thermostat with control and high limit plus a full G3 kit.

Cylinder Sizes – 205lt, 255lt, 305lt, 400lt and 500lt all available in single/twin coil options

For Bespoke projects Spire can also specify and supply ranges of cylinders up to 3000lt in size with varying sizes of heat exchanger to match the energy source. Please contact us for more details on these cylinders.

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Buffer Tanks

Spire Renewables offer a range of well insulated affordable Mild Steel buffer tanks sized from 20lt to 10,000lt, with connection sizes to suit the flow rates of the heat pumps connected. These are supplied with all non-inverter driven heat pumps to minimise heat pump cycling (therefore maximising the lifespan of the components inside the heat pump) and sized to match the output of the heat pump. Inverter driven heat pumps are supplied with a volumiser buffer to ensure minimum system volume is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s individual best practice. Ultimately you can be assured that we have thought through each of our system designs to ensure they will be designed to work efficiently and maximise the lifespan of the components in the heat pump.

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