Installation Support

Installation Support

Spire Renewables offer a number of installation support packages:

Survey Package 

  1. Assessment of plant room design, associated heating system design and overall heating system control.
  2. Heat loss calculation to verify initial heat pump sizing.
  3. Groundworks design and equipment list for the installation.

Flush and Fill Package

  1. Flushing, purging of air & dosing of the ground array using our specialised flushing machine.
  2. Glycol/inhibitor if required

Groundworks Support Package (up to 17kW unit size )

  1. Groundworks support package includes full survey,
  2. Electrofusion welding of the ground array (assumes all pipework is decoiled & laid in trenches ready for connection),
  3. Ground Array Air Pressure Test & Flush and Fill

Installation Support Package

Groundworks Support Package and Commission day on site to set the unit to work.

Full Installation Support Package including MCS Certification

Installation Support Package and  full MCS Certification and Building Control Certification

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