Ground Source Heat Pumps Range

Ground Source Heat Pumps Range

Our Ground Source Heat Pumps range is selected to specifically suit certain property types. These products represent the best the industry currently has to offer taking into account the efficiency of the unit, space requirements & value for money.

Each heat pump comes fully supplied with all the equipment required for the installation, with the exception of the copper pipework and fittings required to connect the heat pump to the heating / hot water system.

Vaillant Geotherm Mini Showbox Heat Pump – 3 kW 

Suitable for compact flats up to around 65m2 with one hot water outlet. Perfect for social housing developments or new-build properties.

Vaillant Geotherm Mini Wall Mounted Heat Pump – 3kW
With a 2 year warranty as standard (extendable up to 7 years), the compact wall-hung Vaillant 3kW unit offers the perfect ground source solution for small domestic flats or compact dwellings. Being wall hung the product can be easily tucked away in a small airing cupboard or behind panelling. Nearly silent  (40dBa), Spire Renewables offer the product in kit form with a stage by stage installation manual (for tighter properties where the space may not all be available in one location) or pre-plumbed, pre-wired and pre-programmed then mounted on a melamine faced board for easy installation. Dependant on ground conditions it is possible to run multiple units off a single deep borehole, or a single unit can be run off a shorter borehole. Please contact us for more details on the product.

CTC Ecoheat 400 – 6-12kW

Suitable for larger flats, or smaller new-build dwellings up to 280m2 where it is only expected that one hot water outlet (shower/bath) would be run at any one time – i.e where a combi boiler would normally be installed. Perfect for a larger social housing properties or 2-3 bed new-build developments.

ground source heat pump, ecoheat

CTC Ecoheat 400 - 6-12kW
The CTC Ecoheat is currently the most compact GSHP system on the market suitable for properties larger than 65m2. With a footprint of just 650 x 650 (allowing a little space for expansion vessels) the unit can be slotted into even the smallest property with ease. With a peak flow temperature of 65°C satisfactory hot water temperatures can be achieved without the need for immersion support making for an extremely high overall efficiency. With the compressor set at the bottom of the unit, a 200lt buffer tank sits above containing a long indirect coil for producing Domestic Hot Water. The result of this is that the unit can only produce a continuous 10-12l/min of 40°C hot water, making it best suited for properties with only 1-2 bathrooms as a direct replacement for a combi boiler.

CTC400 Ecoheat 6 – 12kW marketing sheet: Click here for CTC 400 Ecoheat 6-12kW

CTC Ecopart 400 6-17kw

Suitable for the larger bespoke New-Build up to around 400m2. Varying numbers of bathrooms can be catered for by adjusting cylinder sizes.  

CTC Ecoheat 400 - 6-17kW
The CTC 400 series are a robust and highly efficient range of heat pumps with outputs ranging from 6-14kW on a single phase and a three phase 17kW unit. They come fitted with a Copeland scroll compressor module which has a reputation across the industry for being both extremely reliable and extremely quiet. The units are able to output a 65oC flow temperature, allowing them to produce 50-55oC of hot water in the tank reducing the need for any immersion use with the exception of legionella cycling. The units also come with integral PWM controlled variable speed brine and heating circulation pumps which means the pumps run to their maximum efficiency all of the time. The new user-friendly touch screen Ecologic controller gives the functionality to control a large range of different heating system designs including independent temperatures for multiple heating circuits, solar thermal systems, cooling systems and swimming pools offering truly bespoke functionality from a single controller. Spire Renewables can either offer the CTC Ecopart range in two different pre-plumbed, pre-wired forms – standard either with a separate 200lt or 300lt buffer and hot water cylinder for larger properties, or with a compact 300lt/90lt tower cylinder for properties with space constraints.

CTC400 Compact 6 – 12kW marketing sheet: Click here for CTC400 Compact Series 6-12kW

CTC 400 Standard 10 – 17kW marketing sheet: Click here for CTC 400 Series 10-17kW

Ecoforest B1 5-22kW

The ecoforest B1 5-22kW gives the opportunity for even larger new builds or retrofit properties to be catered for by a single unit. 

ground source heat pump, ecoforest

Ecoforest B1 5-22kW
The Ecoforest represents the next generation of ground source heat pump, being one of the first units in the UK to be fitted with a copeland inverter driven compressor. The inverter drive means the unit will constantly adjust itself to match its output to the heat demand of the building. With the ability to provide 5-22kW from a single compressor, it is also considerably more affordable than its twin compressor competitors of an equivalent size. With an easy to follow CAREL controller, the unit has an outstanding remote monitoring capability – every setting can be changed completely remotely and faults diagnosed offsite. The unit comes factory fitted with a three port valve & circulation pumps, meaning we simply supply the heat pump along with a complete step by step installation manual taking you through mechanical connections, wiring, testing and commissioning.

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