Why choose a heat pump from Spire Renewables?

Why choose a heat pump from Spire Renewables?

  • We are the only UK heat pump merchant with substantial heat pump installation experience
  • We are capable of offering every potential component for ground source heat pump kits, including the heat pump, cylinders, pipework, manifolds, glycol & fittings.
  • Our range of heat pumps have been picked from a number of different manufacturers that we have specific experience of installing. We have utilised units or ranges of units that are selected to best suit certain property types. These represent the best the industry currently has to offer taking into account the efficiency of the unit, the space the product requires & value for money.
  • All Spire Renewables products come with step by step installation instructions and a set of comprehensive mechanical and electrical ‘docking’ drawings that illustrate how the various parts fit together and integrate with the heating system.
  • All of Spire Renewables product range is MCS approved and documentation is MCS Compliant allowing access to the government incentive scheme – the Renewable Heat Incentive  (RHI)
  • We are the only UK heat pump merchant who themselves is MCS accredited, meaning that we can deal directly with Non-MCS accredited tradesmen and offer their customers access to government grants
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