Energy Blades – water heater collectors

Energy Blades are an ideal way to implement a water-based heat collector for use with ground source heat pumps.

Energy Blades are stainless steel, water-submersible heat exchangers designed to be used in fresh water. Each Energy Blade is made up of a pre-assembled bank of four plates with an integral manifold. Multiple banks of four can be connected to increase the capacity.

They maximise the energy extraction rate from the smallest possible footprint and are ideally suited to situations in flowing water where a set of slinky pipes would not be practical. However, they are equally well-suited for use in lakes and still water. Among the advantages they have over slinkies is that they are quicker and easier to install, flush and fill, and contain less glycol than the equivalent length of slinky pipe.

Energy Blades can be located on the bed of the lake, pond or river with the blades vertical and the manifold at the top or, alternatively, the units can be slung under a supporting structure such as a jetty provided it is made of steel, wood or any other material that will not cause corrosion of the plates. Hangers from the supporting structure can be bolted to the edge of the plates.

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