What is an air source heat pump?

What is an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps are compatible with both radiator and under floor heating systems and can be used together with most electric or oil-fired boilers when integrated to an existing heating and hot water system. Like any heat pump system, they are at their most efficient when the emitter system is designed to work at as low a flow temperature as possible.

Spire Renewables offer the service of checking radiator sizes against room by room heat losses if a heat pump is needed for retrofit on existing properties and will provide radiator sizing for new builds. Ultimately, a heat pump will work better with underfloor heating as flow temperatures can be dropped even further than with a radiator equivalent.

Spire Renewables can supply and size the complete heat pump package, with the experience of coming from an installation background these kits make it simple for the installer. A standard kit would include:

  • A heat pump unit, sized to the property
  • A heat pump fixing kit including anti-vibration flexible feet, pre-insulated flexi-hoses, sufficient heat pump glycol to cover the system volume
  • A Fast Connect Board (Pre-plumbed, pre-wired and pre-programmed backboard)
  • A suitably sized Hot Water Cylinder
  • A UFH heating package including room thermostats and wiring centre
  • And/or a full set set of radiators

We are one of the only heat pump suppliers nationally capable of designing, sizing and supplying the entire package ensuring seamless system integration.

Heat pump systems from Spire Renewables come with straightforward installation instructions and a set of comprehensive mechanical and electrical ‘docking’ drawings that illustrate how the various parts fit together and integrate with the heating system and any solar thermal panels specified. All documentation and products are MCS compliant.

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